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Helping Push Back Against A Denied Claim

After a workplace injury, having your claim denied can leave you with many questions. Why was your workers’ compensation claim denied? How can you argue against this denial? Is it still possible to get the benefits you need to heal?

At Rousseau & Ross, we have decades of experience supporting injured workers. From our office in Lebanon, we help workers throughout New Hampshire and Vermont fight for the compensation they need. We are pleased to guide our clients through the appeals process, helping them support their claim and push for fair compensation.

Why Are Workers’ Compensation Claims Denied?

Appealing a denied claim often starts with addressing the reason for the denial. Some of the many reasons workers’ compensation claims are denied include:

  • You did not report your injury or file your claim by the required deadline
  • Your injury is not covered by your employer’s insurance
  • You did not pursue medical treatment
  • Your employer claims that your accident did not occur in the workplace or was otherwise disqualified
  • There were no witnesses to support your claim
  • You do not have sufficient evidence that your injury was work-related

Along with the reason for your claim’s denial, your denial letter will also include information about the appeals process. This process may involve presenting additional documentation to support your claim, arguing your case before an administrative law judge and other steps. While the law does not require you to consult an attorney during this process, it may help to have experienced guidance to give your appeal a greater chance for success.

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