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The phrase “industrial accident” usually calls to mind catastrophic events and great losses. For instance, the explosion at the Texas City Refinery in 2005 killed 15 people and left more than 170 others critically injured. In 1991, 25 people died and 54 people were injured when the fire doors wouldn’t unlock during a fire at the Hamlet chicken processing plant. While these horrible accidents occurred years apart and miles from one another, they have one thing in common – in both incidents, reports found numerous problems with equipment, issues with inspections, and unsafe conditions on the job sites.

I Was Injured At Work – What Are My Rights?

The law requires employers to maintain safe working conditions in order to avoid tragic accidents, deaths, and injuries in the workplace. In the case of an employee being injured on the job, employers are legally responsible for at least partially compensating employees for time missed and medical costs.

For years, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Rousseau & Ross have successfully represented workers’ compensation claims in New Hampshire and Vermont, and have aggressively pursued and won awards for our clients. Our experience has shown us that workers’ compensation benefits and insurance claims and benefits rarely cover all the losses and damages incurred in an industrial accident, no matter how large or small.

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What Injuries Are Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

Workplace accidents are usually serious and result in serious injuries such as:

Critical injuries cause a decline in a victim’s quality of life. Very often people are left so incapacitated by the accident that they can no longer perform their jobs. Permanent disabilities lead to loss of income, huge medical costs, insurance issues, and pain and suffering.

What Is The Difference Between Workers’ Compensation And A Personal Injury Settlement?

Worker’s compensation is a no-fault insurance program that guarantees injured workers coverage for medical expenses and lost wages. When workers’ comp is available, it is often the safer and more reliable avenue through which to seek compensation. However, it is still best to have an attorney on your side to make sure you are treated fairly and not cheated out of the full compensation you are due. Personal injury lawsuits can, in some instances, be filed following on-the-job injury.

However, not everyone is entitled to file suit following a workplace accident. The best way to determine if you have cause to file suit is through a free consultation with one of our experienced New Hampshire personal injury attorneys. Personal injury lawsuits tend to see larger settlements, but they may be much more difficult to win. During your free consultation we can discuss all of your options, answer any questions you may have, and help you decide which route will best provide you with the compensation you deserve.

Should I Hire An Attorney For My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The experienced work injury attorneys at Rousseau & Ross are skilled in workers’ compensation law and will fight as true advocates on your side. Working with an attorney has many benefits and can, at its core, allow you to focus on recovery while we focus on getting you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to find out how we can help you especially if:

  • You have a preexisting condition
  • Your claim has been denied
  • Your permanent disability rating has been challenged
  • You have a workers’ compensation hearing coming up
  • You are already receiving other government benefits

Workplace Injury Response Procedure

People are worried that if they do not do the right thing in the hours and days after an accident that their workers’ compensation claim may be adversely affected. This can be the case, but the steps outlined below may help you avoid making mistakes.

  • Seek medical help: First, be sure that you are seen by a medical professional. Getting prompt medical attention is a good idea for many reasons, the most important being your health and chances of a full recovery.
  • Inform your employer: Inform your employer of your injury and ensure that your employer files your workers’ compensation claim. Ensure that the report is accurate, that your employer has not left out any important details. Get a copy for your records.
  • Wait for a response: After the claim is filed your employer’s insurance carrier will take over the case. If your workers’ comp claim is denied, then be sure to file an application for a hearing as soon as possible. Insurance companies do not want to give you the full value of your claim; they are looking out for their bottom line. If your claim was denied, you may be in for a long, hard fight.
  • Hire an attorney: If you think you’ll need help with your claim and hearing please consider finding the best workers compensation attorney you can. If you have been injured in New Hampshire or Vermont choose a lawyer who is licensed in the state as workers comp claim rules and regulations can vary from state to state.

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