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Chemical Exposure Lawyer In New Hampshire and Vermont

Hazardous chemicals are all around us. From the cleaners under the kitchen sink to the fluids and gasses used on the job, chemicals are a part of daily life. However, some jobs put you at a higher risk of being injured by a chemical agent or poison. If you suffer an injury on the job due to exposure to dangerous chemicals, you may have a case. Our New Hampshire and Vermont injury attorneys at Rousseau & Ross can discuss the details of your claim with you and advise on your next steps.

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Injuries From Chemical Exposure

Depending on the chemical in question and the duration of exposure, your reaction could be as mild as a skin irritation or as severe as asphyxiation and death.

The following injuries are common reactions that may occur after exposure to a hazardous chemical:

  • Burns (both internal and external)
  • Tissue damage
  • Redness, irritation or burning sensation at point of contact
  • Pain or numbness at contact point
  • Formation of blisters or black dead skin
  • Vision changes if the chemical gets in your eyes
  • Pain and burning in the eyes
  • Coughing or shortness of breath
  • Low blood pressure
  • Faintness, weakness or dizziness
  • Headache
  • Muscle twitching or seizures
  • Cardiac arrest or irregular heartbeat

If you have been exposed to a chemical agent, please contact your physician immediately. Some chemicals do not cause immediate signs or symptoms.

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