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3 Reasons Not To Give A Recorded Statement After An Accident

Giving a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster following an accident can be extremely harmful to your case. What might seem like an innocent request by the adjuster to simply “hear your side of the story,” is actually an attempt to discredit your claim. Trust our attorneys at Rousseau & Ross; we’ve seen it happen all too often.

Imagine this scenario: You are involved in a rear-end accident in New Hampshire or Vermont. While your back hurts a little from the crash, you aren’t in a whole lot of pain – yet. The other driver’s insurance company calls you the day after the accident and asks you point blank, “were you injured in the accident?” The insurer records you saying that you don’t think you were hurt in the accident.

However, days later, the pain gets worse and you go to your doctor. It turns out you did hurt your back in the accident and will require physical therapy and prescription medication. Guess what? The insurance company got you on tape saying you weren’t injured. That means you are going to have a difficult time recovering compensation. Here are three reasons why a recorded statement can be detrimental to your injury case:

  • It might be too early to know the extent of your injuries. As illustrated in the above example, some injuries don’t become symptomatic right away. If the insurance adjuster gets you on record saying you were NOT injured, but you claim otherwise later, it doesn’t come across well to a jury.
  • Your comment could be misinterpreted. Insurance adjusters are skilled in obtaining recorded statements. You are not trained at giving one. Therefore, you could end up saying something that hurts your case without intending to.
  • The statement you give can be used against you during a trial. The defense lawyer will not hesitate to use your recorded statement against you. The goal will be to discredit your claim or make it appear as though you are not really injured.

Don’t give a recorded statement without first talking with an experienced personal injury lawyer in New Hampshire or Vermont. An attorney will be able to guide you through the legal process and look out for your best interests.

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