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Quick Answers To Common Questions After A Work Accident

Knowledge empowers people, and this is what someone injured after a work-related accident needs the most. As an injury victim, remember that you have rights. Seeking help from a caring and honest lawyer will prevent you from making common mistakes in a workers’ comp case. Following are some of our clients’ questions that we have addressed at Rousseau & Ross.

If I am injured while working, am I entitled to workers’ comp?

Yes. Under New Hampshire and Vermont’s laws, employers should provide workers’ compensation to their employees. This includes part-time employees and nonprofit organization staff employees.

Who will pay my medical bills?

The workers’ comp carrier (the insurance company) should pay your medical bills and your prescriptions. The insurance carrier has 30 days upon receipt of your request to pay for your prescription.

What does workers’ comp cover?

Workers’ comp pays your medical bills and covers 60% of your weekly pay. Elements such as your rate of hire could be used to calculate the amount you will be granted during your disability period. It is essential to remember that workers’ comp starts on the fourth day after your accident occurred.

Do I have other rights as an injured employee?

Other benefits include temporary alternative work, should your physician approve such alternative duty, which is regularly light duty. You also have the right to be reinstated to your job position prior to sustaining an injury. However, this is a benefit applicable only for a maximum of 18 months after the day your accident took place.

When do I have to notify my employer and the workers’ comp insurance carrier of my injury?

The desirable time frame to notify the relevant parties about your accident is as soon as possible. However, you have a maximum of two years to notify your employer. You also have three years to file a claim to obtain insurance benefits. Otherwise, you will lose your benefits.

I read all the questions and answers here and I am not getting any of these benefits. What can I do?

Talk to a workers’ comp lawyer to learn how can we address your case. Personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers regularly work under a contingency fee agreement, which means you do not pay your lawyer until you receive your compensation. Case evaluations are regularly cost-free. You might lose more if you do not consult an experienced lawyer.

Although the law seems straightforward, your work-related injuries may include unique facts that should also be addressed. If you are unsure about the next steps in your workers’ comp case, call Rousseau & Ross to discuss your concerns.

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