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Motorcycle accident statistics show dangers riders face

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Auto Accidents |

Motorcyclists are a common sight on New Hampshire and Vermont roads. They enjoy their time on their bikes and the entire culture of riding. In general, they adhere to the law and do their best to maintain safety practices for themselves and others.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are vulnerable to catastrophic injuries and death if they are in an accident. Despite improvements to equipment and greater vigilance, motorcycle crashes happen frequently.

Riders need to be aware of their surroundings and take all the necessary precautions. That, however, does not mean they can avoid every crash. Drivers of other vehicles commonly cause motorcycle crashes due to speeding, distraction, drunk driving or simply not paying close enough attention.

Being cognizant of motorcycle accident statistics in both New Hampshire and Vermont is important to be aware of the dangers. After an accident has happened, it is wise to have qualified assistance.

Motorcycle accidents are increasing in New Hampshire and Vermont

In New Hampshire, there has been a rise in road deaths in general and this has particularly affected motorcyclists. For 2022, there were more motorcyclist fatalities than there were in a decade. Overall, 31 people who were operating the motorcycle in the Granite State died. One passenger lost their life.

Before 2022, the highest total in the state had happened in 2019 when 30 motorcyclists were killed. One incident that year killed seven when they were in a collision with a truck. An average of 25 motorcyclists are killed annually in the state.

Vermont has also seen its share of motorcycle collisions. In fact, in 2021, Vermont had 15 motorcycle deaths by the end of the third quarter of the year. It was the worst year for the state since 2011. For that year, people were still functioning during the health crisis. Drivers were increasingly reckless during that time due to emptier roads and less law enforcement.

Motorcyclists know the challenges they face, specifically distracted drivers. Experienced riders have noted the changed landscape with drivers looking down instead of ahead as they use their devices. This is a problem that is simply not going away despite law enforcement, legislators and safety advocates trying to tamp down on the practice.

People injured in motorcycle crashes should have comprehensive help

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident will leave people wondering what will happen to them not just physically, but emotionally and financially. Immediately after the crash, the injured person and their loved ones need information as to their options. This is when it is imperative to consult with professionals who understand the dangers motorcyclists face and can help with deciding on a path forward.

The circumstances of the accident need to be assessed. Gathering evidence, determining how and why it happened are also fundamental parts of any claim. Anyone who rides a motorcycle either regularly or as a leisure activity needs to know they can be covered for all they lost in a crash.

With the warmer weather approaching, more riders will be out and about and accidents are likely to occur. People’s lives can be dramatically changed with enormous medical costs. They may have trouble living the same life they did before and need rehabilitative care over the long term. This will also affect their family.

Having honest and fair representation that is simultaneously tough when negotiating but reasonable when considering settlement offers is key. Community-minded guidance can make a major difference in a good outcome. It is also vital to have help that explains the situation in terms people will understand. Pursuing adequate compensation after a motorcycle accident means covering all the bases. Calling for experienced help from the beginning is a critical step.