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Do’s and don’ts: A post-collision checklist

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

From catastrophic injuries to devastating property damage, a motor vehicle accident is often a life-changing event. No matter the severity of the collision, vehicle occupants will likely struggle with significant debt and overwhelming worry about how the process will go in the days, weeks and months following the crash. Even though every vehicle wreck is unique, there are certain factors that are common across the board.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember that might help your process run as efficiently as possible:

  • Do not leave the accident scene: You might think it is a minor or no-fault collision, but you must pull safely off the road and discuss the collision. You will need to exchange information with the other driver and wait for the police to arrive to file an accident report.
  • Do not admit fault: While individuals often feel a measure of guilt after a harmful event, it is best to keep these thoughts to yourself. Individuals might use even a simple statement of “I’m sorry” against you to place blame squarely on your shoulders – where it does not belong.
  • Do document everything you can: From taking pictures of the road conditions, injuries and vehicle damage to noting any witnesses and the contact information of the other vehicle occupants, it is crucial that you document as many factors as possible. Not only can you use these in your insurance claim, but they can bolster your memory when asked to recall events days or weeks later for reporting purposes.
  • Do call the police and your insurance company right away: While this might slip your mind, it is crucial to get these two processes started as quickly as possible. The police will come to the scene and start an accident report. Likewise, your insurance carrier will start a claim at that moment.

Many individuals struggle after a motor vehicle collision. From handling the numerous administrative tasks to seeking treatment at various healthcare facilities, the entire process can feel overwhelming. It is crucial to remember some important do’s and don’ts regarding your crash to make the legal process run smoothly and efficiently.